Billing & Payments

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Billing & Payments

Billing & Payments


All costs for your registered courses will be listed in Banner Self-Service. (See "Payment Instructions" below for details.) This online account summary is your official bill and no other notification or bill will be sent. Upon registration for a course, charges are generated and placed on your account. Like most schools, Rowan requires that you pay in full for all courses for the entire term by the appropriate deadline (or set up an approved deferred payment plan*).

  • For registration occurring before the official payment due date for the term (see Bursar's Office for exact date), payment-in-full is due on or before the due date.
  • For registration occurring after the official payment due date for the term, payment-in-full is due at the time of registration. Late-registration fees may apply.
  • For registration occurring during the first week of a course, payment-in-full is due immediately. Late-registration fees may apply.

If you do not pay in full (for the term in question) by the appropriate deadline, per Rowan University policy, you will be dropped from all registration for that term and all future registration will be barred until your account is settled.

  • Depending upon the time of year and when your courses were cancelled, it may still be possible to restore all or most of your registration if full payment is made at the time of re-registration.
  • It is always our goal to keep you on track for your program, so as soon as you are able to make payment in full, contact Rowan Global at, and we will work with you on a new registration plan. Current RN-to-BSN students must contact the RN to BSN Program at

A note about "Paying in Full": All Rowan Global students must pay in full for all courses for the entire term by the appropriate deadline or meet one of the following conditions:

  • Joined the deferred payment plan (available in fall, spring, or summer); or,
  • Have official financial aid (by the due date) that covers the balance on their account

Students should also be aware of the following:

  • If you believe that your bill will be covered by a third party, it is still your responsibility to ensure that third-party billing has been set up on your behalf before the appropriate deadline. Students should confirm this with the Bursar's Office.
  • SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING FINANCIAL AID: If you are awarded financial aid for the term in question, but the amount awarded is not enough to cover the total account balance in full, you may still be in danger of being dropped if you do not pay the difference owed before the appropriate deadline.

*Deferred Payment Plan Anyone choosing to enroll in the Bursar's deferred payment plan (which splits your charges into 5 payments across the term or 3 payments for summer term) must follow the deferred-payment due dates as outlined by the Bursar. To select the deferred payment option, visit the Bursar's website.

  • Those admitted to a Rowan Global program in Module B (the second half of the term) may still join the deferred payment plan but would join the payment timeline already in progress which might mean a higher down payment and fewer installments.

Payment Instructions

  • Visit the Banner Self Service website.
  • Select "Access Banner Services/Secure Area." You will need your Rowan/Banner ID and PIN to enter.
  • Once in the secure site click on "Bursar Services." From there you will see a link to make a "ePay Center" or for an "Official Billing/Account Statement" which then links to payment.

If you are expecting financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office to confirm at 856-256-4250 or For questions about your Rowan bill/account or to sign up for the deferred payment plan, please contact the Bursar's office at 856-256-4150 or


  • Rowan policy is that all official University correspondence is sent to your Rowan email address; therefore, it is vital that you check your Rowan email on a daily basis. To make sure you are receiving all of your emails, or to forward your Rowan email to a personal account, please visit
  • Failure to check your Rowan email or your registration in Banner Self Service is not an acceptable excuse for late payment or non-payment.
  • For questions about your Rowan Global registration, please contact Rowan Global Academic Services, Enterprise Center, 2nd Floor, 856-256-5435 or Current RN to BSN students should contact the RN to BSN Program at

Convenience Charge

The credit card convenience fee for tuition and fee payment is 2.75%. Beginning May 1, 2018, this fee will increase to 2.85%.