Concurrent Applications

Concurrent Applications

Concurrent Applications

Applying to More than One Academic Program

It is not possible to apply for more than one academic program through Rowan Global at Rowan University for the same entry term. However, students may apply for and matriculate in more than one academic program of the same level (undergraduate or graduate) with different entry terms, provided all concurrent application and matriculation policies and processes are followed.

Matriculation in More than One Academic Program

Current Rowan Global students that wish to enroll in a concurrent Rowan Global program must complete an online application for their second desired program of interest. While completing the online application, students must indicate that they are requesting a concurrent application when prompted to do so. Students will then be notified of any additional admissions requirements that may be needed to complete their newly submitted application. Departmental review and acceptance is still required.

Those who wish to pursue two or more programs concurrently must first meet the following conditions:

  • Admission and matriculation into a degree-granting Rowan Global program OR
  • Admission and matriculation into a non-degree-granting Rowan Global program (COGS/CAGS/Post-baccalaureate)
  • Successful completion, as defined by the program's academic policy category, of at least 6 semester hours and one full term of coursework required by that program
  • Verification by the Academic Departments that house each of the programs that said programs allow concurrent matriculation
  • Submission to Rowan Global Admissions of a completed online application. Submission must include any and all required materials as well as any other items determined necessary for application to the concurrent academic program (resubmission of official transcripts submitted during the application process for the original program may not be necessary. Please check with Rowan Global Admissions) AND
  • Formal offer of admission to the concurrent program.

Any questions should be directed to Rowan Global Admissions at 856-256-4747 or by email at