Deciding on a Future Career Path

Over the past year, there has been plenty of time to reflect on where you are in life. Not surprisingly, the main focus for a lot of people has been on their job satisfaction. Are you one of the many that realized that the career you have is not the career you want? The thought of a career change can be scary and downright intimidating, especially the older you are. But you are not alone! The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that adults 25 years of age and older change their career approximately two to five times in a lifespan.

There are many reasons why people change careers. Indeed identified some reasons why people often take the leap and go for a career change:

  • Wanting to embark on a new challenge
  • Increased pay
  • Burnout from their current job
  • Wanting to advance in their career

One of the best ways to support a career transition is by pursuing a master’s degree. If you are looking to change directions in your life completely, a master’s will provide you with experience in the field and make you more marketable to future employers. Additionally, on average, someone holding a master’s degree will earn significantly more money than those with only a bachelor’s.

You may also find yourself in limbo – you know you want a career change and a graduate degree, but you’re not exactly sure where to go from there. If you are one of many at a crossroads, FOCUS2APPLY is here to help.

FOCUS2APPLY is an online career assessment that identifies the careers that best suit YOU. It only takes a few short minutes to complete the assessment. Once you’re done, you will see which careers are best for you based on your work preferences and interests. Not only does it provide you with excellent career fits, but it also will show you which graduate degree programs would get you on the right path to your dream job.

Are you interested in pursuing an advanced degree? Request information for a specific program, attend an info session, or start your application.

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