No One is Too Old for Grad School

Once in a while, you find yourself exploring possible graduate programs and thinking about taking the next giant leap in your career. But the same question keeps playing over and over again,… “am I too old for grad school?” 

The answer is no! 

Students are now entering graduate programs at all different stages of their life. According to the 2016 National Postsecondary Student Aid Graduate Survey, 28% of students were between 30 and 39, and 20% were 40 and older. The oldest student surveyed in the 2016 study was 89 years old!

And honestly, in 2021, no one is too old for any education. Thirty percent of undergraduate students are older than the age of 24. Adult learners are now becoming the new majority in higher education. With more adults gaining their bachelor’s degrees later on, you can imagine that the average age of graduate students will continue to rise, as well. In fact, the average age of Rowan Global * students, from Fall 2016 - Fall 2020, was 36. And that was just the average! Rowan Global students range from 22 years old to 55+. Our mix of academic programming - fully online, hybrid, and in-person, reflects the variety of personal learning preferences and learning/work/life balance needs, meeting adult learners where they are best suited for success.

It is YOUR time to open your door to new opportunities. A graduate degree will open the door for you to earn a higher salary, advance in your industry, increase your skillset, or provide you with credentials for a career change. Age is just a number, but your history brings valuable life and career experience to the classroom.

So, are you too old for grad school? No! No one is too old for grad school - or ANY school, for that matter. At Rowan, we have programs that can help you move ahead or change paths. Explore our programs or, if you’ve already done some exploring and have a hunch of what you’d like to study, join us for an info session!

*Rowan Global encompasses graduate, doctoral, certificate, transfer, and completion programs

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