RowanNEXT (Network Engage eXplore Transcend) is Rowan's online community designed specifically for Rowan Graduate Students. It was first launched during the Spring 2021 semester to help fill a void for many graduate students – a sense of community. The platform has so much to offer to students, including connecting to their peers, networking opportunities, and access to support services. 

Network and Engage

The best way to feel part of a community is by connecting with others. RowanNEXT offers two different areas where students are able to connect with each other and build their community.

  • Discussion Board: There is a Discussion Board where students can discuss dissertation writingRowanNEXT webpage screenshot tips, ask and answer questions about Rowan University and introduce themselves to the rest of the community. 
  • Affinity Group: The best way for students to connect with one another is by participating in groups that share particular identities or interests. There are currently 17 affinity groups like Let's Guac & Roll!, Binge Watchers, and BIPOC, to name a few. Students can easily join any Affinity group that piques their interests with a click of a button. The best part is if students don't see a group for them, they can request a new Affinity Group to be added. RowanNEXT makes sure there is a place for everyone. 

Explore and Transcend

Sometimes it may feel like support services are just for undergraduate students; that is why RowanNEXT highlights all of the essential services offered on campus for graduate students. A few of the many support services on the platform include:

  • Library Services: Students can visit the Library Services page to find out about featured events and workshops on Digital Research Tools, Citation Management, and so much more! 
  • Financial Aid: The Financial Aid page provides information on the Financial Aid application process and deadlines for graduate students. 
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center page offers graduate students important writing support information and hosts  events specific to thesis and dissertation writing help.  

RowanNEXT is still growing and developing in ways that will best support graduate students while they are attending Rowan University. Current Graduate students can explore all that the online community offers by logging on to Canvas and selecting the RowanNEXT tile.

Are you interested in pursuing an advanced degree? Request information for a specific program, attend an info session, or start your application.

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