Get the Most Out of Webinars

What exactly is a WEBINAR?! A webinar is a web seminar, or online event, that is used to share knowledge and information. Virtual events, such as webinars, have increased significantly in popularity in 2020 due to the inability to attend in-person events. Many institutions and organizations now offer free educational webinars led by industry experts.

If you haven’t attended a webinar previously, you may be wondering: is there anything I need to know or prepare prior to the webinar? We’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your upcoming webinar:

    Be sure to register for the webinar ahead of time. The event hosts typically send automated email reminders about the event (and we can all use a reminder)! If you can’t attend the webinar during the designated time and date, register anyway; some webinar hosts will send out a recording to those who missed the live event!

    Ask a friend or colleague to register for the webinar with you! Not only will you serve as each other’s reminder for the event, but you will have someone to have future conversations with regarding the webinar material.

    Utilize LinkedIn to gain insight about each presenter's experience and expertise. Familiarizing yourself with the speakers can prepare you to ask more tailored, focused, and thoughtful questions if there is a Q&A portion of the webinar (see tip #5).

    Be prepared to log in to the webinar 10 minutes before the start time. Although some webinars don’t allow entry until the exact time of the event, you can ensure your internet connection is stable, you are able to access the link to the event, and your speakers are working. 

    Remember, (in most webinars) the presenters can’t see or hear you. They want to know if you’re engaged in their discussion! Most presenters genuinely enjoy receiving and responding to questions from the audience, and you may have a question that adds value to the conversation.

    Be aware that some webinar chat boxes are visible by all attendees, by all presenters, and/or by all moderators. If you have a question or comment that is better suited for one individual, either use the private message feature (if available) or request individual contact information to communicate after the event.

    Additionally, keep in mind that your question shouldn’t be too specific to just you; there are often many participants attending a webinar. Your question shouldn’t be so specific that it takes away from the experience of others. If you have a very specific question, you can request to get the presenters’ contact information to ask your question following the event.

    Most webinar hosts will send out a feedback survey after the event has concluded. The presenters put time and effort into preparing for the webinar, and they want to know if their material and presentation method was well received. Take a few minutes to fill out the survey; feedback helps the hosts prepare better webinars in the future!

    If any of the presenters stood out to you, send them a personalized message via LinkedIn! You can also request to connect with them via LinkedIn to help expand your professional network.

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