LinkedIn Tips to Maximize Career Potential

headshot of Jen MadenOk, you have a LinkedIn account. You understand that it’s really great for professionals sharing information, networking, and finding new jobs. That’s all well and good, but HOW do you make it work for you? Your career is important to you and you are hesitant to make any missteps online. Many of us are accustomed to using social media for SOCIAL satisfaction, now it’s time to switch gears and utilize it in a more professional way. 

Whether you’re trying to get ahead, get a new job, or get some networking under your belt, you can take some simple steps on LinkedIn to help make sure you’re ready to capitalize on any opportunity that comes your way.

Bob Bullard, Director of Career Advancement at Rowan, and Jen Maden, Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Studies at Rowan’s Rohrer College of Business have a lot of experience helping professionals recognize their potential and move forward in their careers. Both agree that LinkedIn can be a valuable tool and they share their LinkedIn Top Tips, below.headshot of Bob Bullard

“There is so much to be gained by taking the time and being thoughtful in how you present yourself online,” says Bob. Our online personas are an extension of ourselves, especially in the professional realm. Jen agrees, “You’ll naturally attract those with similar - or aspirational - professional interests by showcasing your strengths, highlighting your potential, and seeking out engagement with other professionals.”


  1. Make sure you have a professional headshot.
    The Office of Career Advancement offers different opportunities throughout the year to get a free headshot, be sure to check in with them to schedule.
  2. Take the time to fill out your complete profile and highlight your strengths and experiences.
    1. Profile Pro Tips:
      *Utilize the Heading
      to showcase your most significant skill sets that you are aiming to leverage in your career now, or in the near future – in particular, those that are in demand and provide value to industry. You don’t need to include your current professional title here as it’s listed in your jobs history, so instead use this most valuable real estate at the top of your profile to grab attention and showcase your most impressive assets in keywords that will serve you well in both search results and in those first few moments of someone skimming your profile and getting that first digital impression of you.
      *Take advantage of the Summary section to construct a brief story that can relate your personal brand beyond what you might articulate in your job titles, descriptions or education. What motivates, drives or inspires you? This is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm, personality and values so that your profile is professional yet personable and relatable. This sets the stage to make connections and build relationships with other professionals on the LinkedIn platform. 
  3. Customize your LinkedIn profile URL so that it is easier to share, remember, and add to business cards and your email signature. Your custom URL can include 5-30 letters or numbers, and can be a variation of your name or personal brand. From your profile, see top right “Edit Your Public Profile & URL” to make changes.
  4. Engage, Engage, Engage!
    1. Seek out several influencers, companies, or professional organizations that actively publish content on LinkedIn that is in alignment with your career goals and personal values. Whether you choose from officially designated LinkedIn Influencers, or other thought leaders that you find inspirational or aspirational, as you follow these new contacts your newsfeed will begin to include interesting, innovative, and insightful content that will expand your knowledge base.
    2. Make meaningful connections with your colleagues. 
    3. Stay consistent. Make sure you carve out time, every day or every week, to interact and catch up on LinkedIn. 
  5. LinkedIn Jobs – supplement your job search with LinkedIn. Many companies are posting their positions on LinkedIn, use your connections to your advantage. 
  6. Enhance the depth of your profile by sharing expert content with your network to demonstrate your passion and knowledge about your career path and related professional trends or topics. When you share content – whether a news article you read outside LinkedIn or posts from LinkedIn Influencers you are following - add a comment on why you think that particular piece is significant, and maybe pose a question to your network for their opinion. You might even share content that you disagree with, but find compelling. A well-considered and articulated comment can contribute to your emerging thought leadership on LinkedIn, and when your comments generate comments from your network, your profile visibility is raised.

Now that you’re ready to maximize your status on LinkedIn, will your credentials provide a good backdrop? If you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree, Rowan has programs to suit every lifestyle - request information for a specific program, attend an info session, or start your application.

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