Growing Well-being Trend a Boost for Wellness Degrees

Your job is satisfying and your career trajectory looks promising, but something is missing. Is there a way to better approach your work – a more well-rounded ideal? You’re sure there is a more holistic strategy you could apply that would help bring the pieces together for not just you, but your colleagues, as well.

headshot of Leslie SpencerWhat are those techniques? Where do you start? How do you know if you’re doing it “right?” Rowan’s Masters in Wellness and Lifestyle Management (MA in WLM) has been guiding folks in the right direction since 2013. “There has been an increase in interest for this kind of program,” says Dr. Leslie Spencer, Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor. “The material is interesting – it can be applied to both personal and professional ambitions. The students that pursue this degree are looking for something interesting to study, something that they’re passionate about and can apply to their lives.”

This degree is one that appeals to professionals from all different backgrounds – teachers, nurses, human resources – and helps you add to your skill sets. You might be preparing for a new career path, or you might be looking for opportunities to expand your knowledge and discover applicable tools to improve the overall wellness outlook at work (and, of course, at home).Says Spencer, “The program is fully-online and the content is engaging and welcoming. There are many opportunities to connect live via Zoom.” Our focus areas include:

  • Improving performance through Positive Psychology and Wellness Coaching
  • Creating wellness initiatives in worksite and school settings
  • Tools for designing and implementing best-practice wellness initiatives

Integrating lessons from the MA in Wellness & Lifestyle Management

One of our recent grads, Cindy Morales, is a teacher in South Jersey. While she teaches world language to 3rd – 6th graders, her collaborations across disciplines are really what make her stand out beyond teaching language in the classroom.

headshot of Cindy MoralesShe came to the program after completing a health journey of her own, bringing the knowledge that life experience and mindset are significant contributors to wellness. Cindy had already introduced mindfulness activities to her classes and she was looking for new and engaging ideas to bring things full circle. Her eagerness to learn and set ideas into motion have resulted in many benefits for her colleagues and her students.

The course Integrating Wellness into School Settings helped her discover new ways to approach learning and wellness through collaborations. Her openness to new ideas encouraged her to invite  other colleagues to partner with her on wellness initiatives for students at her school. While in charge of the school garden, she taught students the names of the produce in Spanish. At harvest time, she and the school nurse came together to “team teach.” They brought all of the garden/world language/health/wellbeing aspects together through different lessons and culminated by teaching classes how to make a blueberry and spinach smoothie. “There is a theme of wellness that runs through everything I do, it’s how I like to teach,” says Morales.

“Many people only think of exercise when they think of wellness. But well-being encompasses so much more than that – your mindset, your personal experiences, and your openness to positive psychology.” Cindy also completed the Practicum in Wellness Coaching, in which she learned the essential skills of being a coach and focused on positive psychology and motivation interview techniques. One of her biggest takeaways from that project was practicing daily gratitude. It’s something she encourages others to do and she still practices, herself.

Choosing the right wellness degree path

In addition to the MA, which offers a broad approach to applicable wellness management, Rowan also offers a Certificate of Graduate Studies (COGS) in Wellness Coaching. Our COGS prepares you to become a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Rowan’s COGS in Wellness Coaching is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching. The COGS in Wellness Coaching may be completed as a separate course of study or it can be completed within the required 30 credits of the MA in Wellness and Lifestyle Management program, which would offer you the flexibility and opportunities that come with both programs.

Health Coaches and Wellness Coaches are sought-after fields at various hospital systems. However, in this specialized industry, coaches also find success in roles at health clubs, gyms, or in conjunction with other healthcare providers who provide one-on-one coaching or group programming.

In fact, Cindy has already achieved her board certification and is now a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Cindy is surely cooking up something creative with her new credentials and is aiming to help people continue to “plan for the good life,” while she continues her important role educating students in South Jersey. For Cindy, it is important to keep practicing, continue career building, and connect with the community she intends to serve.

Does Cindy’s story ring true for you? Are you looking for an opportunity to expand your skillset to improve the overall wellness in your workplace, or embark on a new career journey that highlights well-being? Rowan’s MA in WLM or COGS in Wellness Coaching may just be the right fit for you. Ready to learn more? Request information, attend an info session, or start your application.


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