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Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) - By Laws

A. Membership

1. The Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) consists of:

  • The Assistant Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs who serves as chair;
  • The Vice President of Rowan Global Learning and Partnerships (or his designee), who is an ex-officio member;
  • One managerial/professional staff or faculty member representing each of the seven academic colleges, with the exception of Education which, due to its size, has two members
  • One representative from the University Senate.


2. Each college representative is designated or approved by the Dean of the respective college according to a process internal to each college. The University Senate representative is designated or approved by the President of the Senate. 3. Each represented unit must identify an alternate in case the representative is unable to attend a meeting. Alternates are also welcome to attend meetings, even if the representative is present.


B. Voting

1. The regular college representatives and the Senate representative have a voice and vote. 2. In cases where an alternate is in attendance in addition to the regular member, the alternate has a voice but no vote. 3. Members of the Rowan community (who are not GAC members) but who attend open meetings of the GAC will have a voice but no vote. 4. The Vice President votes in cases in which there is a tie.


C. Term Limits & Replacements

 1. The term of service for a faculty representative is two academic years. Faculty members can serve up to two consecutive terms for a total of four years. 2. There is no term limit for managerial/professional staff representatives unless indicated otherwise by the Dean of the respective college. It is expected that managerial/professional staff representatives will serve for at least two years in a row. 3. In the event a member cannot finish with his/her term, the designated alternate will become the official member for the remainder of the standard term.


D. Charge

1. To advocate and promote graduate and post-baccalaureate (post-bac) education at Rowan University. 2. To serve as an advisory body to the Executive Director, Office of Graduate Studies in areas related to graduate/post-bac students and graduate/post-bac programs. 3. To articulate, establish (following Rowan Senate guidelines), and maintain proper graduate/post-bac standards and policies for graduate/post-bac programs consistent with the university mission and goals. 4. To articulate, establish, and maintain standards and policies in such matters as the graduate assistantship program and standards for presentation and formatting of theses and dissertations. 5. To assist the Executive Director with establishing and implementing best practice procedures for reviewing and making decisions on graduate student petitions, appeals and grievances. 6. To assist with Rowan Global communication efforts (related to graduate/post-bac education) and to keep their respective college community abreast of graduate/post-bac information of which they should be aware or in which their in-put is desired. 7. To identify local and national issues, practices, and trends that should be considered by the GAC and the University at large in our ongoing effort to provide the best possible educational experience for our students.


E. Council Members' Duties & Responsibilities 

1. To attend (or send their alternate) to GAC meetings and to participate in related follow-up discussion - both in meetings and as needed via email. 2. Each college representative serves as liaison, on graduate/post-bac matters, between Rowan Global and the respective college Dean and college community. 3. Each college representative is responsible for coordinating the process and selection of graduate assistants (GA) (according to established guidelines/timelines) and to report such activities to the Office of Graduate Studies, Rowan Global. 4. Members of the GAC are expected to appoint a representative to: the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Graduate Honor Society (AEL) and to any standing or ad-hoc committee or task force in need of graduate/post-bac studies representations. 5. The Senate representative is expected to be the liaison between GAC and the Senate Academic Policies & Procedures Committee as needed.


F. Duties and Responsibilities of the Council's Chair

1. To convene a meeting of the council at least once a term or as needed. 2. To establish and request contributions for the agenda prior to a council meeting. 3. To record and distribute minutes of the council meeting. 4. To ensure that meetings and decisions are executed according to the basic procedures of Robert's Rules of Order. 5. To ensure that the GAC is represented in any of the standing or ad hoc university committees or task forces where a council representative is required. 6. To present to the GAC an annual report on the budget and revenues of the graduate/post-bac revenue center at the end of each fiscal year.


G. Meeting Attendance & Quorums

  1. Many meetings of the GAC are open to the Rowan community. A calendar of such meetings and key decisions from the GAC will be posted regularly in the Rowan Global's internal website for faculty and staff ( 2. Open meetings of the GAC can also be attended by members of the University community with an interest in voicing their opinions on graduate/post-bac education matters. 3. Quorum rules: Meetings will be called to order with the presence of the majority of its membership (i.e. six members including the chair).


Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) - Members

Graduate Advisory Council Members

Faculty members are appointed or elected to serve for a period of two consecutive academic years, and can be re-appointed or re-elected for a second period. That is, faculty members cannot serve for more than four consecutive academic years. Managerial/professional staff has no term limit and serve at the discretion of the dean of the respective college.

Name College
Jennifer Maden Business
Ronald Block Communication & Creative Arts
Amy Accardo Ed.D. Education
Tyrone McCombs Ph.D. Education
Joseph Stanzione Ph.D. Engineering
Wanda D. Foglia Ph.D. Humanities & Social Sciences
Veda Zuponcic Performing Arts
Suzanne Bausch Ph.D. Science & Mathematics
Georita Frierson Ph.D. Science & Mathematics
Robert Weaver Ph.D. School of Health Professions
Erick Guerra Ph.D. School of Earth & Environment
William Freind Ph.D. University Senate
James Holaska M.D. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Diane Worrad Ph.D. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Jasmine Cooper Ph.D. Office of Research
Ashley Lierman Ph.D. Library Information Services


Alternate Members

Name College
Robert Fleming Ed.D. (Fall 2018) Business
Daniel McFarland (Spring 2019) Business
Bokyung Kim Ph.D. Communication & Creative Arts
Vacant Education
Yusuf Mehta Ph.D. Engineering
William Carrigan Ph.D. Humanities & Social Sciences
Elisabeth Hostetter Performing Arts
Gregory Caputo Ph.D. Science & Mathematics
Robert Sterner Ph.D. School of Health Professions
Vacant School of Earth & Environment
Vacant University Senate
Vacant Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Vacant Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Vacant Office of Research
Vacant Library Information Services