Arts Management Sustainability

The COVID-19 pandemic has notably impacted many industries across the globe. The Arts were significantly affected as their performing arts seasons, education programs, and annual workshops had to be postponed or canceled. Experts in the field were tasked to use their innate creativity to make sure the show did go on. Arts Administrators called on their experiences, training, and skills as they thoughtfully considered strategies to reach the audiences. Strategic thinking on the part of leadership demonstrated versatility in programming and lead to integral changes to cement their survival, some of which included:

  • lessons conducted through video calls
  • performances made available by radio and streaming broadcast
  • tickets priced on a sliding scale

The pandemic also offered Arts Organizations the opportunity to reflect inward and evaluate their identities. Lane Savadove, Head of Acting at Rowan University and Artistic Director of EgoPo Classic Theater, said, “it was about going back to our core. I felt like in some ways we pulled back 15, 20 years to whom we began as, and we suddenly felt amazingly free.” 

As theaters considered their dwindling budgets, Felicia Latoya Brown, regional programming director and board member for the American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE), took advantage of local Playwright’s artistry by commissioning them to create pieces instead of going through Publishing Houses. 

Adaptability, innovation, and strategy are integral pieces to successful Arts Administration planning. Want to hear more about how industry experts like Lane Savadove, Pamela Weichmann, Felicia Latoya Brown, and Pamela Brant were able to re-envision the Arts during COVID-19 and what changes are here to stay? Check out the Webinar: Arts Management Sustainability: Discovering Innovative Ways to Reach Audiences of the Future.

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