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Rowan Summer & Winter Course Search

Course Types

Rowan University offers courses in multiple delivery modes.

Section Tally

The Rowan Section Tally is the fastest way to search for the most up-to-date information on winter or summer course offerings including meeting dates and times, location, instructor, or to search by specific college or department. Once you are on the Section Tally page (by clicking the link above), select the term of interest and then press "Select Term." It will bring you to a simple search page.

  • While you may query on a number of criteria on this page, we recommend that you keep your search as broad as possible and only enter the "Subject" of choice.
  • Once you have your criteria entered, press "Search." A list of courses matching your criteria will then pop up at the bottom of the screen.

The list will include the pertinent information about the course/courses that meet your criteria. The first column on the left gives you the CRN needed for registration. CRN is "Course Registration Number." "Part of Term" (the fifth column) details when exactly the course is offered and, in some cases, additional registration/course information you might need to know will be listed within the title column.

Once you have chosen your course(s) and have the CRN(s), you are ready to register. Current Rowan students know that they should also check with their academic advisor before registration.

Navigation Tips for the Section Tally

Prerequisites & Restrictions
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By clicking on the highlighted CRN number in the Tally and then clicking on the name of the course title found at the top of the page under "Sections Found", you can view any prerequisites and/or restrictions that may apply before you can enroll in the desired course.

Confirming Start & End Dates for Courses
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Start and end dates can be found under the header "Part of Term" in the Tally. It will list the actual session number as well as the dates the session begins and ends. All 100% online courses begin on Tuesdays and end on Mondays. To be sure of your start date for a face-to-face course, check your session start date against the day of the week listed for your particular class meetings.

Available Seats
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  • The last header in the title column on the Tally labeled "Avail" will indicate the number of seats still open in the course.
  • The headers "Max" and "Enr" specify the maximum number of students that are allowed to enroll in the course as well as the number of students who are currently enrolled in the course to date.
  • If the course you want to enroll in happens to have reached the maximum capacity and is now closed, you must process a Professor's Request to Override a Closed Course form during any registration period. Override forms must be processed in the Office of the Registrar.
  • It is required that you contact the professor teaching the closed course so he/she can sign off on the override form. If you do not know the professor's contact information, go to the Rowan University Employee Directory and search by last name to obtain either a phone number or email address.