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Staff Directory




225 Rowan Blvd. Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 256-4747

Rowan's Division of Global Learning and Partnerships administrative staff is comprised of professionals with extensive experience and education in higher education and other related fields. We are here to optimize the educational experience of our students from the point of initial inquiry to the completion of your course or program.

Rowan Global Departments

Academic & Student Affairs

Name Job Title Phone Email
Main Line Graduate Student Services/Global Student Information Services 856-256-5435
Main Line Global Undergraduate Advising 856-256-5787
Main Line RCBC 3+1 Programs 856-256-5570
Main Line RCSJ 3+1 Programs 856-494-5695
Main Line Office of Winter & Summer Sessions/Dual Credit Initiatives 856-256-5133

Marketing & Enrollment Management

Name Job Title Phone Email
Main Line ---- 856-256-4747
Beverly, Saudia Director of Enrollment Management 856-256-5147
Brennan, Eric Assistant Director of Admissions 856-256-5137
Duffey, Martha Data Processor 856-256-5156
Fazzio, Kristine Data Processor 856-256-5564
Fulbrook, Laura Data Processor 856-256-5781
Green, Dawn Receptionist 856-256-4747
Harm, Alexander Assistant Director of Marketing 856-256-5131
Kelly, Eric Admissions Recruiter 856-256-5790
Markel, Cathy Director of Advertising & Database Management 856-256-4092
Ortiz, Jerry Graphic Designer 856-256-5139
Papasso, Anthony Assistant Director & Marketing & Data Analytics 856-256-5151
Schneider, Jaclyn Admissions Recruiter 856-256-4053
Vengesa, Tendai Admissions Recruiter 856-256-5145

Office of Advising & Student Information Services (OASIS)

Name Job Title Phone Email
Ashton, Holly Academic Advisor, RCBC 3+1 856-256-5570
Baker, Laurie Director 856-256-5794
Barrera, Dennis PT Advising Specialist 856-256-5582
Benders, Urielle PT Advising Specialist 856-256-5581
Beury, James Student Information Services Specialist 856-256-5381
Beverly, Allison Coordinator, Advising 856-256-5435
Hall, Chare  Coordinator, Student Information Services 856-256-5168
Henry-Thatcher, Patrice Senior Academic Advisor, BSN 856-256-5194
Israel, Marisa PT Advising Specialist ----
Lanza-Gladney, Maria Assistant Director 856-256-4796
Mignot, Michelle Advising Specialist, RCBC 3+1 856-256-5572
Musero, Talia Senior Academic Advisor 856-256-5576
Nistico, Tiffany PT Advising Specialist ----
Parker, Carlos Acting Program Manager 856-256-5567
Pellegrino, Christina PT Advising Specialist ----
Rolon,Annabel Managing Administrative Assistant 856-256-2910
Tota, Nicole PT Advising Specialist 856-298-3830
Trefsgar,Kathleen Senior Student Information Services Specialist 856-256-5435
Washart, Shawn Academic Advisor 856-256-5578

Division Administration & Operations

Name Job Title Phone Email
Haig, Sarah Program Assistant 856-256-5569
Watt, Georgann Supervisor 856-256-4719

Office of Winter & Summer Sessions

Name Job Title Phone Email
Dionisi, Marie Coordinator, Winter & Summer Sessions 856-256-5123
Lund, Brianna PT Program Assistant 856-256-5132

Office of Academics & Outreach

Name Job Title Phone Email
Campsen, Kathy Administrative Assistant 856-256-4715
Hardee, Terrence Director of Executive Education and External Affairs 856-256-5203
McNelis, JJ Coordinator 856-256-5571
Rodriguez, Sheri Director 856-256-5157

Rowan Online

Name Job Title Phone Email
Bakalenko, Kate Web Designer 856-256-5146
Bargerhuff, Rick Application Developer 856-256-5789
Ciocco, Mike Assistant Vice President of Rowan Online 856-256-5368
Cook, William IRT Support 856-256-5128
Dobie. Donna LMS Administrator - Instructional Designer 856-566-7022
Eletheriou, Kostas Instructional Designer 856-256-5163
Holland, Shaun Instructional Design Coordinator 856-256-5744
Huff, Susan LMS Administrator - Instructional Designer 856-256-5817
Jakalam, Pallavi LMS Administrator - Instructional Designer 856-256-5813
Lueder, Nikkoli Application Developer 856-256-5232
Main Line Technical Support 856-256-5164 ----
Maiorana, Steve Development Operations Coordinator 856-256-5129
McCool, Alicia PT Instructional Designer ----
McCool, Brent Instructional Designer 856-256-5798
McCool, William Professional Services Coordinator 856-256-5125
Mosher, Stephanie Manager of LMS Administration 856-256-5815
Nash, Octavia Instructional Designer 856-256-4954
Sedlock, Jennifer Online Learning Experience Coordinator 856-256-4591
Stewzik, Kate LMS Administrator - Instructional Designer 856-956-2768
Sunderhauf, Michael Manager of Instructional Design 856-256-5155
Sewter, Gina Instructional Designer 856-256-4571
Sweeney, Derek Instructional Designer 856-256-5221
Troiani, Frank Associate Director, Web Design 856-256-5182
Whitlock, Harriet Web Design 856-256-5434
Yanefski, Peter Videographer ----



225 Rowan Blvd. Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 256-4747