Cartography and GIS Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Cartography and GIS Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Cartography and GIS Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

This program will enable students from a variety of majors and backgrounds to gain expertise in cartography and geographical information systems. The certificate program is designed to accommodate working professionals in planning, public health, engineering, business, and other areas who wish to gain expertise in Cartography & GIS.



The Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Cartography and GIS is a part-time program offered in a face-to-face format. It requires the completion of 21 undergraduate semester hours. Students who wish to enter the program must meet with the department advisor to plan their curriculum. Students, in consultation with the advisor, select a total of 21 semester hours from Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Geography courses.


The following courses make up the Cartography and GIS Post Baccalaureate Certificate program.

  • 21 Semester Hours
  • Foundation Courses: No
  • Graduation / Exit / Thesis Requirements: No
Business Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
MIS 02150 Integrated Business Software Tools 3
MIS 02338 Design of Database Systems 3
Computer Science Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
CS 01102 Introduction To Programming 3
CS 04103 Computer Science And Programming 4
CS 04222 Data Structures And Algorithms 3
CS 04315 Programming Languages 3
Mathematics Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
MATH 01122 Precalculus Mathematics 4
MATH 03125 Calculus: Techniques and Applications 3
MATH 01130 Calculus I 4
MATH 01131 Calculus II 4
MATH 03150 Discrete Mathematics 3
Geography Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
GEOG 16160 Intro To Mapping And Geographic Information Sciences 3
GEOG 06320 Cartography 3
GEOG 06308 Remote Sensing/Air Photo 3
PLAN 31386 Land Use And Conservation 3
GEOG 06313 Geography of Transportation 3
GEOG 06315 Field Studies 3
GEOG 06319 Geovisualization 3
GEOG 06350 Quantitative Methods in Geography 3
PLAN 31360 Metropolitan & Regional Planning 3
GEOG 06360 Geographic Information Systems I 3
GEOG 06415 Geographic Information Systems II 3
Total Program Semester Hours: 21

Admissions Requirements

The following is a list of items required to begin the application process for the program. There may be additional action or materials required for admission to the program. Upon receipt of the materials below a representative from the Rowan Global Admissions Processing Office will contact you with confirmation or indicating any missing items.

  • $65 (U.S.) non-refundable application fee

  • Bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution of higher learning

  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended (regardless of number of credits earned)

  • Current professional resume


Start Dates & Application Deadlines

The chart below details available entry terms for the Cartography and GIS Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program as well as corresponding application deadlines. Submitting the Application Form is only the first step to beginning the admission process. All of the required materials listed above must be received on or before the application completion deadline for your desired entry term to be considered for admission to that term. We encourage you to complete the application form and begin submitting your materials at least one month before the deadline indicated.