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Project Management Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS)

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Program Information

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The Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Project Management is a full-time or part-time program offered in an online format. This program requires the completion of 12 semester hours (4 courses) and can be awarded as a separate credential or stacked as part of the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems TechnologyTo be awarded the CUGS in Project Management, students must complete all courses required with at least a 2.5 average.

The following courses make up the Project Management CUGS program.

  • 4 Courses/ 12 Semester Hours
  • Foundation Courses: No
  • Graduation / Exit / Thesis Requirements: No
Course Number Title S.H. (Credits)
Required Courses: 12 S.H.
MIS 02325 Project Management 3
MGT 06300 Organizational Behavior 3
MIS 02328 Agile Project Management 3
MIS 02329 Project Management Associate Exam Prep 3

Note: The courses listed above are not official and are subject to change. For an official list of available courses please visit the Rowan Global section tally.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Policy

Please review our Standard Transfer Policy.

The Rowan Experience
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The Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Project Management is intended for both matriculated and non-matriculated students. It will equip individuals with the practical knowledge and skills required to coordinate, facilitate, manage, and lead projects and other initiatives. The CUGS will also help prepare students for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate, an entry level certification for project practitioners.

Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. 

While the highest demand for project managers is in the IT sector, the demand for employees who are skilled in project-oriented work spans many industries, such as finance and insurance, oil and gas, construction and utility, manufacturing, and may include initiatives like running a marketing campaign, constructing a building, developing a computer system, or launching a new product.

Admission Requirements
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The following is a list of items required to begin the application process for the program. There may be additional actions or materials required for admission to the program. Upon receipt of the materials below, a representative from the Rowan Global Admissions Processing Office will contact you with confirmation or will indicate any missing items.

  • Completed Rowan Global Application Form
  • $65 (U.S.) non-refundable application fee
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended (regardless of number of credits earned)
Stack your credentials

Earn your Bachelor's degree

This Certificate of Undergraduate Study can be combined with four other certificates to earn 60 credits toward a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer Systems Technology. Rowan University requires the completion of 120 semester hours of approved general education and major coursework in order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.


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