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This is your Tertiary Hero

Notes on editing inside the 160 Cascade template

  • Folders:
    • The images, video and docs folders included with the site contain examples of content. Feel free to clean out, add or move around their contents.
      • You will find named examples of images for each module inside the images directory.
    • The _cascade, css, favicons, js and svg folders are off limits
    • The _shared-content folder contains examples of the kind of modules that will allow you to share content between pages. So if you are building any of these modules for one page and know that you will be using the same info on another page you can do that. 
  • Page Types
    • Page - All full-width modules and Hero options available except for the "program overview" and those shared areas marked "interior"
    • Interior page - Hero Tertiary only, left-hand interior navigation with 3/4 width page body with the following limited body options (see below). Full width area at bottom of page for shared content blocks including Collection News and Contact Card.
    • Program page - Same as "Page" but with the Program overview section under the hero. All hero options are available
  • Building Shared content blocks: From your "add content" button look inside the "Shared Blocks" folder you will see asset builders. The following modules allow for shared content:
    • card contact
    • collection links
    • card image
    • form context
    • instagram
    • interior collected news
    • interior side navigation
    • program page intro contact
  • Character Lengths and formatting
    • Headings are limited to 60
    • Kickers are limited to 50
    • Call to action buttons (CTAs) are limited to 25
    • All other areas (other than wysiwyg and your tabs/accordion modules) will usually have no mechanical restriction, but will have character lengths recommended by the designers.These recommendations are inside the edit regions for those areas. I've included some of those less obvious recommendations in the module examples.
    • Not all WYSIWYG sections in the edit area are truly able to be formatted. Only the WYSIWYG area and the panels in your tabs/accordion will recognize formatting you have added.


Links to examples of module types


Hero Modules


Landing Page Body Modules


Program Pages Specific Modules

Program pages can have all the same modules as your regular landing pages with the addition of:


Interior Pages Modules